bathsweetsSweet Treats For Your Body & Tub (Not Mouths!)

My daughter loves (eatable) cupcakes, so I told her that we could get a mix and make them. She saw, and fell in love with, a blue cupcake cake mix, and I mean b-l-u-e! Against my better judgment, only because sometimes kids need to be pampered too, we bought and made them. A lingering doubt in my mind kept saying they are so blue, how much artificial food coloring would make that color?

Like so many moms, I strive to make healthy food choices. I shy away from eating bread, it doesn’t seem to be my friend. Sugar too, while looking for foods made from whole ingredients. I’m finding that I’m not such a black sheep, I constantly meet other moms and people who seek the healthier choices.

Healthy, Wholesome & Good-For-You Sweets

Then I got a bath cupcake! What fun, a cupcake sample came in the mail for the website to sell. My first thought is ‘I can’t have that’, my mind’s conditioned response to sweets, but then I feel free and I already feel like I’m having fun as I say “I can have that cupcake! I can have all of it!”

Yes, I can relish and fully enjoy! Bath time is becoming such fun! Bath bombs, bath truffles and bath cupcakes! Consumables for your body (not mouth!). How funny that bath time sweets are encompassing (though not eatable) healthier ingredients for my skin than many desserts offer my body. I love it! Sweets I can consume at bath time, without gaining any weight! Desserts for my body with only positive effects!

When was the last time you got to be a kid in a candy store and get anything you wanted there without having to worry about the weight it will put on?

What a wonderful thing, ice cream truffles and swirling cupcakes with rich butters like coconut butter or Shea Butter! What an indulgent feeling to see a cupcake and know you don’t have to hold back!

Warning! Be careful- even after children understand that these are not for eating, you’ll still have to hide the sweets to keep them from consuming them all!

A cute sideline story:

For Mother’s Day I sent my mom a set of bath bombs. The first time my cute, cute 3-year old niece saw my bath bombs she said “cupcake!”, thinking (I’m sure) that it looked like the cupcake desert balls that are often sold on a stick.

“Noooooooo, these aren’t for eating!” I said emphatically. Did I impress her enough, because I don’t want my sister-in-law growling at me because her daughter ate a bath bomb!

But my niece got it, she’s a smart cookie!

So, when grandpa announced that a good smelling package came for my mom at Mother’s Day, my niece, who they watch during the day, called out “Bath bombs! I wanna take a bath!” and she proceeded to dictate her 3 year-old logic to my mom, explaining why she needed a bath (with a bath bomb, of course) and why, logically speaking, my mom could not join her.

The Moral: Learn To Share

So, be careful when you get yourself bath time sweets! Be sure to buy plenty to satisfy your sweet tub and still have plenty to share!

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