girl-1358371_640Well Being Begins In You

What is well being? Are you happy? Well being has several components to me which would include a mental, emotional and physical health, balance and happiness. A big question before our society is how to attain and maintain well being, a challenge these days. Stress levels run high, a lot of women work long hours and juggle family and career; and who has the time to exercise regularly?

In our modern times, we have all sorts of gurus that can help us with our well being from medical doctors to yoga instructors; acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists and coaches.

It’s ironic, with all these specialists, Americans still seem to be struggling with their well being:

70{5ee1259fd455932024da54b8548c5d8a2f3452141886baadae5028ea591fe763} Overweight

Yesterday I heard a statistic that over 70{5ee1259fd455932024da54b8548c5d8a2f3452141886baadae5028ea591fe763} of American are overweight. The nutritionist speaking said that she didn’t think that 7 out of 10 Americans were lazy, or that they just like to overeat or chose to be addicted to sugar. She said that the problem is that on average, over half the food we eat (the stat was higher, but I don’t remember specifically) is processed. She said that just by adding more veggies to your diet, you could increase the un-processed foods, decrease any sugar addiction and change your weight.
Simple, right? Making the change may not be easy, but is a simple change.

70{5ee1259fd455932024da54b8548c5d8a2f3452141886baadae5028ea591fe763} Prescription Drugs

A similar statistic also applies to Americans who take prescription drugs, almost 70{5ee1259fd455932024da54b8548c5d8a2f3452141886baadae5028ea591fe763} (source We are fortunate to live in a time when modern medicine can diagnose and take care of so many of our ailments, but Dr. Ande Wilde once said that medications were initally intended to be a temporary solution to a medical problem, allowing your body to heal and go back to its own well being.

Mental Well Being

Ok, this blog is getting a little depressing or discouraging! The last statistic I’ll give you is that 13{5ee1259fd455932024da54b8548c5d8a2f3452141886baadae5028ea591fe763} of Americans take antidepressants. Ten years ago it was half as many! (source

Who Has The Answer?

So, how is it that with a simple solution, eat more veggies, or with so many specialists available, Americans are still challenged to be healthy?
Going to or working with any kind of specialist is a great thing to do for yourself, no doubt. However, you can’t expect them to resolve your issues in the sense that it really all comes down to each person. Your own attitude in life and what you are or aren’t willing to do for yourself makes all the difference. Similar to a band aid on a wound, you need to realize that well being comes from your own, natural healing. The band aid may add protection or assistance, but a natural flow of well being really starts with you.
Tapping into that natural flow of healing is a two part process. One part just happens. Your body heals, there’s nothing you need to do to make that happen. You will automatically feel good and eat healthy foods when you can allow things to work out well. The second part of the process has everything to do with you choosing to be good to you.
Sometimes being good to you means taking yourself out to an ice-cream cone! Other times it can mean making choices to assist your natural healing process. For example, your choice to stay home and rest when you are sick or go to bed at a fair hour so that your body sleeps enough to get itself back to balance.
It is easy to fall victim to feeling like life is happening to us: maybe we are out of sick days and can’t take a day off or you’re tired of being short on money every month. Granted, life is challenging. But if you are up to the challenge and you are wise enough to realize that you can still be good to yourself, then you’ll have a secret weapon that will help you promote your own happiness and well being: a great attitude and the willingness to take care of you.

Be Good To You

Until you are good to you, no one else will be. We can all find a way to pamper ourselves in life. It may be by watching your favorite TV show, it may be by taking a trip around the world – or, of course, it may be by going into your home spa and treating yourself to a hot bath, a cup of tea and a bath bomb!
How you are good to yourself will depend on your interests, what makes you feel good and your resources, granted. The important thing isn’t what you do, but that you are good to you. People who feel better and are happier tend to enjoy greater health and well being, and if you aren’t already one of those people, you can easily become one. Start with something small and then keep finding ways to be good to you. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself feeling like there is a lot of well being in your life and a lot of wonderful things happening to you, just because you chose to be good to you.